Video: Solar Field 2 in operation

Ever wondered what it looks like when we ‘turn on’ Solar Field 2 in the morning? Then have a look at the video below, which shows the process of bringing all the mirrors on-sun. We demonstrated this to our VIP guests during the official opening of the field on Saturday. After some nice shots of the field you’ll see the receiver opening, the mirrors moving, and several hundred focused beams of sunlight being directed into an aperture just a metre wide.

Below are two stills from the video. The first one shows spots of focused light that are moving across the tower on their way toward the solar receiver.

This next image shows one heliostat focusing its light onto the target plate for calibration. Most of the others are already pointing into the receiver aperture where they are starting to heat air to around 900°C.

I think it looks pretty cool. We’re excited to have been able to show it off to our guests on the weekend.

One Comment on “Video: Solar Field 2 in operation”

  1. I’m so impressed with the solar field that this has to go on my website to show my primary science students, they’ll love it, but better still they’ll appreciate it!
    Why isn’t this front page on every newspaper? It’s what everyone has been waiting for.
    Ric Johnson

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