CSIRO’S printable solar cell work makes the headlines

There has been some buzz in the media recently about our printable solar cell work, particularly a joint project between Dr Jacek Jasieniak from CSIRO’s Future Manufacturing Flagship and Brandon MacDonald a PhD student he is co-supervising with Prof Paul Mulvaney (University of Melbourne).

CSIRO’s Dr Jacek Jasieniak (left) and Brandon MacDonald

Brandon and Jacek have done some really neat work based on nanomaterials. Their patented technology uses inks containing tiny, semiconducting nanocrystals, which can be printed directly onto a variety of surfaces. By choosing the right combination of ink and surface it is possible to make solar cells with very efficient use of materials and low embodied energy:


We’ve got some talent: Dr Jacek Jasieniak has recently won a 2011 Fulbright scholarship to work in the US for 12 months with Nobel Prize winner Prof Alan Heeger, on next-generation flexible lighting systems:


Brandon is one of 16 early-career scientists presenting their research to the public for the first time thanks to Fresh Science, a national program sponsored by the Australian Government. For his work Brandon has received the 2010/11 DuPont Young Innovator’s Award and has had his work published in the journal Nano Letters. Check out more on Brandon and his work at:


2 Comments on “CSIRO’S printable solar cell work makes the headlines”

  1. David Beins says:

    No doubt about it, these guys look like working scientists! By the way, Jacek is definately on a roll – he was also recently offered an ASI Researcher Exchange scholarship under the USASEC program. Way to go Jacek!

  2. Mick says:

    Fantastic work by CSIRO, with a little more tech, money and effort things like this will be seen in everyday homes around Australia.

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