Photos from National Science Week visitors’ day

How did you spend National Science Week? Did you take the chance to be involved in one or more of the many official events around the country?

I was on holidays last week, so I missed all the action – but I returned to work today to hear how well our own National Science Week event went. Nearly 200 people had a pretty special behind-the-scenes visit of the Energy Centre here in Newcastle, where our scientists gave talks, tours and demonstrations of their research.

Visitors outside the energy-efficient CSIRO Energy Centre office block

Two of the events on the programme were presented by solar researchers. Firstly, photovoltaic scientist (and co-blogger) Greg Wilson talked about solar panels and undertook a ‘Masterchef Meets Science’ challenge. He created a solar cell using blueberries and orange juice!

Dr Greg Wilson shows the ingredients for his dye-sensitised solar cell

The workspace, ingredients and tools. Dr Wilson used these to create a solar cell in front of an audience.

A range of types of photovoltaic cell on display. Some are operating small motors.

In the following session, engineers James McGregor and Robbie McNaughton gave visitors a presentation and tour of our concentrating solar thermal facility and showed the mirror field in operation.

CSIRO engineer James McGregor shows how powerful concentrated solar thermal energy can be – the hole in this aluminium plate was melted using the light from only a dozen or so heliostats (sun-tracking mirrors).

Robbie McNaughton answers a visitor’s questions about Solar Field 2.

The event also got a mention & nice picture in the Newcastle Herald (click here for the story) and on NBN News (watch here).

Did you attend the event? It’d be great to hear what you thought of it. Click the link at the top of this article (just under the title) to leave a comment.

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