Solar Scientists in Schools

Robbie McNaughton and students from Year 3 to 6 at Laguna Public School at their most recent Scientists in Schools get-together.

Here at work we know Robbie McNaughton as the Engineering Manager for the National Solar Energy Centre. But to the pupils at Laguna Public School he has an extra role: he’s their science and engineering mentor, arranged through the Scientists in Schools programme.

The Australia-wide programme, which is managed by CSIRO Education, links volunteers like Robbie with schools who are looking to form partnerships with scientists and engineers. On Robbie’s last visit to Laguna, which is in a small town near Wollombi in NSW, he helped their teacher Mrs Davey to answer pupils’ questions about heat. On previous visits he’s explained all about CSIRO’s solar thermal power towers and showed some videos of them in action.

From the emails Robbie’s received it sounds like things are going well. Here’s one of the messages from the students:

To Rob,

Your visit was inspirational! I enjoyed the model and drawings of the solar project you are working on.

Thank you for coming to our school. All the class thought it was fun.

from Rhys

and another:

Dear Rob,

I thought the solar experiment was terrific.

From Tilly

PS please come again

For more information about the Scientists in Schools programme, click here. Or, if you’re already involved, why not leave a comment and share some of your experiences?

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