Happy New Year

Heliostats – sun-focusing mirrors – spell out the new year in CSIRO Solar Field 2.

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the blog. Hopefully your year is starting well and your resolutions are coming along nicely. My new year’s resolution for the blog is to try and avoid the constant peril facing people who work in solar thermal energy – that of the unintended pun.

Let’s kick off by shedding some light on briefly discussing our current activities. Here at the dawn of start of 2012, we in the solar thermal group are reflecting on remembering the successes of last year and focusing on giving our attention to the months ahead. Solar thermal energy is a hot topic a much talked-about technology that has a bright future significant  potential and a sunny outlook good prospects. At CSIRO we’re continuing to concentrate on specialise in bringing our high-temperature solar processes to commercialisation, to help establish a place in the sun role in our society for solar energy.

I hope the blog will continue to illuminate clarify and explain our solar research for you in 2012. Stick with us – we have a stellar an exciting (and, from now on, entirely pun-free – I promise) year ahead.

6 Comments on “Happy New Year”

  1. Very cute post. It brightened my day, and made my face light up.

  2. Oona says:

    Please don’t stop the puns; they are sparky

  3. When Scientists go bad…

    Seriously guys, love it!

  4. David Whitson says:

    This blog is my favourite sun spot. I dont mind if the occasional pun flares up. But seriously the solar industry didnt happen overnight. Its success mirrors the hard work of scientists and engineers like Mike Collins.

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