A flexy flyer for download

For the Questacon school careers expo this week we wanted to publicise the solar blog. Leaflets or postcards seemed a bit boring though. So instead, this was what we came up with: a CSIRO Solar Blog Hexaflexagon.

Our hexaflexagon is a seemingly flat, two-sided shape that turns inside out to reveal three separate faces. Not only that, each face can rearrange itself in two different patterns. The shape and its variants have a good science pedigree, too, with people like Nobel physicist Richard Feynman and ‘mathemagician’ Martin Gardner part of its history.

Click here to download a PDF copy you can print and fold yourself. All you need is some scissors and glue or double-sided tape. Instructions are included on the sheet.

Warning: the flexing of a hexaflexagon can become compulsive behaviour. Have fun!

One Comment on “A flexy flyer for download”

  1. Smart Alec Huw says:

    Wow that’s clever. Good stuff.

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