Guest post: ASI is helping to share knowledge about solar research

Hayley Thomas from the Australian Solar Institute writes:

There’s a new place to hang out and learn about the latest Australian solar research breakthroughs and funding opportunities – ASI’s Facebook page.

This week we shared the latest results of Tim Schmidt’s ASI supported project ‘Upconversion of the solar spectrum for improved PV energy conversion’. He’s had an early stage breakthrough that could pave the way for record breaking 40% efficient solar cells suitable for rooftop panels. He achieved this result in partnership with Klaus Lips – his German research partner. A perfect example of what can be achieved with a bit of knowledge sharing – whether through attending conferences, workshops, Facebook or in the case of Tim and Klaus, research exchange. To foster more of this valuable knowledge sharing, ASI has funding available for Australian-based researchers and private sector professionals to undertake an International Research Exchange.

Solar is the world’s fastest growing energy sector and ASI’s Facebook page is one of the fastest ways to keep in the loop. But if Facebook isn’t your thing, you can sign up to ASI’s Solar Monthly newsletter on our website or attend events in ASI’s Knowledge Sharing Series. This Series provides a great snapshot of what’s happening in ASI’s $260 million portfolio of exciting photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) research projects, and workshopping of key sector challenges and opportunities. Last month, we held a PV Showcase at the University of NSW. Soon, we’ll be releasing details of a CSP Showcase. Stay tuned!

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