Come see our solar centre in person

Photo: CSIRO / Nick Pitsas

Able to get to Newcastle this Thursday? Then why not come and visit our Energy Centre for yourself! A few spaces are still vacant for our next visitors’ day on 17th May, so if you’re interested in having a tour of our energy efficient buildings, solar fields and more, get your application in quickly. Our site is only open to the public four times a year, so don’t miss out.

Applications are available from the website here. If you can’t make it this week, why not pre-book for a later date?

3 Comments on “Come see our solar centre in person”

  1. We are working on a foods and dairy products processing plant in Uganda with a large complex setting in a remote area. The plant is to process 2-5 million liters of milk and 600 – 1200 tones of fruits 24hours a day. We have planned to construct a milk storage or reserve of 200million liters of milk in cooling system and a store of 35,000 tones of fruits both to be used in the 2-4 months in the session. The plant will be using solar power in all its operations. The plant shall have big stores, administration building, schools at a different levels, a hospital, a hotel, etc. We are looking at a 5-10MW-we think not, but not sure. We need your in put please.

    We need a company to work with to develop the plant system and we would like to know whether it is something you do.

    Please let me know and I can be contacted as follows;

    Vincent L. Sinabulya
    Kampala Uganda
    Tel: 256 782 945060/704 445060
    Skype: vlsinabulya

    • Tania says:

      Hi Vincent – your project sounds impressive. We appreciate your request, but as a research organisation we’re generally unable to get involved with particular projects like this. The work we do is focused on developing the next generation of solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies. An engineering company with expertise in solar power might be able to help you more.
      We wish you all the best with your project!

  2. Ok, Any company you know? thanks for the understanding.

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