CSIRO solar shines on Channel Ten Breakfast show

A bit of CSIRO was beamed into breakfasting households across Australia yesterday morning. On the Channel Ten Breakfast show, host Paul Henry spoke about CSIRO’s work in energy technology with Dr Alex Wonhas, the Director of the CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship, and Dr Greg Wilson, solar scientist and co-author of this blog.

Our solar air-conditioner, solar towers, and 3rd-generation photovoltaics technologies were all featured. Paul gave the most succinct summary of our solar air-conditioner I’ve ever heard: ‘So you use the heat of the sun – which is the problem because you’re too hot – to create a cooling device.’

He also seemed impressed by the solar cell we’d made in the shape of the Channel Ten logo – no mean feat, considering what Paul lists as the Number One Fact about himself on the show webpage. Way to go Alex and Greg!

To view the whole 6-minute segment online, click here.

One Comment on “CSIRO solar shines on Channel Ten Breakfast show”

  1. David Beins says:

    Alex Wonhas deserves hearty congratulations for what must have been a herculean effort to cut through Paul Henry’s incessant chattering over the top of him on matters he doesn’t understand (and evidently doesn’t like). How Alex managed a straight face through all that, frankly, escapes me!

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