Thailand’s Energy Minister visits CSIRO Energy Technology

(L-R) Thailand’s Energy Minister and CSIRO senior staff standing near the Newcastle solar field and tower.

Arak Chonlatanon, Thailand’s Energy Minister, visited our solar facilities on Wednesday last week along with a contingent of around 30 Thai media and government officials.

The tour of the solar fields was part of an Energy Centre visit, during which the group heard from some of our key researchers about our energy work. The media took the opportunity to take film and photos, and ask questions about our research and development in the areas of biomass, biofuels and coal. They also used our solar field and tower and the Renewable Energy Integration Facility as a backdrop when interviewing the Minister and his people.

‘[We want to] learn and bring the latest technologies to share with the community in Thailand’ said Minister Chonlatanon, who hopes to foster future cooperation between Thailand and Australia.

The Thailand visit offered us a unique opportunity to discuss in person possible collaborations for the future and allowed us to showcase our latest research and strengthen our global relationships.

You can learn more yourself about the broad range of research we do in Newcastle by visiting the CSIRO Energy Centre webpage.

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