What’s in space, looks like Cindy Crawford’s mole, and is happening tomorrow for the last time in your life?

The transit of Venus. Image: Gestrgangleri / Wikimedia Commons

It’s the transit of Venus of course, and – clouds permitting – we’ll all be outside taking a look through eclipse glasses.

The event starts (for us in Newcastle) tomorrow morning at 8:16, when the silhouette of Venus starts to move in front of the sun, and it ends at 2:45 pm. You can check viewing times for your location here. Once it’s over, it won’t happen for another 105 years.

Want to know more? Read these articles on The Conversation about the significance of the transit, how it’s linked to much more than astronomy, such as how kangaroos and banksias got the names they did, and how it played a part in Australia becoming part of the Commonwealth.

How NOT to view the transit of Venus, or, “A Blind Date in the Park”. (Image from Harper’s Weekly magazine, April 28, 1883)

And of course, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN when viewing the transit! Use eclipse glasses, a shade 14 welding mask, follow the instructions on this CSIRO page to build your own solar viewer, or check out this page for several other techniques. Protect your eyes!

And if your ears feel left out, you can even listen to John Philip Sousa’s Transit of Venus March while watching the event.

(A shout-out to @brainpicker for the title.)

3 Comments on “What’s in space, looks like Cindy Crawford’s mole, and is happening tomorrow for the last time in your life?”

  1. Carol Saab says:

    Reblogged this on News @ CSIRO.

  2. Notice that the woman in the park is looking at right angles to the shadow of the telescope. She’s not looking at the sun.

    • Tania says:

      Ha – you’re right. That means both of them have problems: the gent, because he does appear to be looking at the sun through a magnifying glass; and the lady, because she is missing a splendid & rare celestial event.

      The telescope would be better put to use like this.

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