Find us in the latest issue of The Helix!

The Helix is a science magazine produced by CSIRO’s Double Helix Science Club, and it’s hugely popular with primary and high school students. And why wouldn’t it be, when it’s filled with stories like those from the latest issue:

  • The species of shrimp that’s strong enough to punch through aquarium glass
  • How scientists can tell how old a person is from their smell
  • The exploration of Antarctica, what causes the Aurora Australis, which dinosaurs used to roam the southern continent, and whether you can surf the net in Antarctica

… and, this month, a short piece about our SolarGas research here at Newcastle. There’s also a solar hexaflexagon on the back cover that’s ready to be cut out and assembled and flexed and flexed and flexed (and flexed – it’s addictive).

You can track down a copy of The Helix in newsagents or by joining the Double Helix Science Club.

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