Look into my eyes – the future for solar research

We’re so excited at CSIRO we’re doing our best impersonation of Singin’ in the Rain – complete with solar tower backdrop. And yes – some of these researchers are keeping their excitement on the inside.

Solar team

When solar researchers go wild! Some of the solar researchers at the our Energy Centre, Newcastle.

The cause of all the excitement? The newly announced $87 million, eight year, research partnership – the Australian solar thermal research – between CSIRO, six Australian universities and collaborators from the United States. This huge collaboration ensures Australia remains at the forefront of concentrated solar power technologies.

Also announced this week, another four projects worth $14 million as part the Australian Solar Institute’s United States-Australia solar energy collaboration.  The projects will focus on different areas of solar energy production including a solar energy forecasting system and advanced central receivers.

We’ll be working with the world’s best and brightest. Just some of our many partners include GE, the US Department of Energy’s National Research Laboratory (NREL), Sandia National Laboratories and Arizona State University.

For more info, check out the media release on our website.

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