Thanks for everything ASI!

By Nick Kachel

Question: What do the following CSIRO projects have in common: solar fuels, solar field 2 and intermittency?

Answer: They were all made possible thanks to the Australian Solar Institute (ASI)*. This blog is dedicated to the ASI and is a huge ‘Thank you’ for all they have done for solar research in Australia.

The beginning of 2013 marked the transition of the ASI into the new independent Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), set up by the Australian Government.

ASI was established in 2009 to keep Australia at the forefront of solar innovation by investing in people and research that aimed to reduce the cost, and increase the competitiveness of, photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies.

ASI support has allowed a number of important CSIRO initiatives to go ahead over the years – in fact, one of ASI’s Foundation projects was the establishment of the Solar Thermal Research Hub here at the CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Minister Ferguson, Member for Newcastle Sharon Grierson and Member for Shortland Jill Hall with ASI staff at the opening of the CSIRO Solar Thermal Research Hub. CSIRO National Solar Energy Centre, Newcastle, June 2011

Last December, Minster for Energy and Resources, the Hon. Martin Ferguson AM MP, announced the $87 million Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative (ASTRI), which will be led by CSIRO, as part of ASI’s US-Australia Solar Energy Collaboration. This important initiative will ensure Australia’s solar thermal industry is ideally positioned to drive Australia to the forefront of the global solar research.

We thank the ASI team for their contribution to CSIRO solar research over the last four years, and look forward to working with ARENA in the future.

*And yes, they are all to do with the sun *rolls eyes*

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