Happy Snappy Solar

By Nick Kachel

This week we were lucky to be paid a visit by Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) photography student Kayla Steele, who recently won a student photography competition. Part of her prize was the opportunity to expand her portfolio with snaps of the important, interesting and downright cool research projects we are working on here at the CSIRO Energy Centre.

While Kayla unfortunately just missed out on photographing our scientists using the solar tower to blow up watermelons (just kidding… we use rockmelons*) she did manage to get some pretty amazing shots. Here are a few of her snaps…

Me - at the top of the tower! The view was pretty amazing

We asked Kayla for a self portrait during her visit. Here she is up the top of our 30 metre high solar tower overlooking the Energy Centre.

The CSIRO building is alot bigger then I expected... Finding my way around for 3 days was alot of fun

Kayla said, “The CSIRO Energy Centre was a lot bigger than I expected! Finding my way around for three days was a lot of fun.”

CSIRO's secret to keeping fit

A rare inside shot of the CSIRO Energy Centre – we don’t usually take snaps of our stairs!
Kayla said, “CSIRO’s secret to keeping fit!

Two very intelligent and talented men! - Thanks for giving me the run down boys

Professor Sten-Eric Lindquist and Kenrick Anderson in our organic photovoltaics lab.
Kayla said, “Two very intelligent and talented scientists! Thanks for giving me the run down on solar PV, guys.”

Science I can relate to! Just incase your wondering green is 530,000 nanometers.

This is the output of a monochromator. We think this deserves a post on its very own so stay tuned!
Kayla said, “Science I can relate to! Just in case you’re wondering, green is 530 nanometers…”

Met Some great people while I have been here! Students hard at work! (2)

One of our CSIRO vacation scholarship students, Katherine Monahan, working on chocolate ice cream energy… kidding, this is a project studying microbial fuel cells.
Kayla said, “I’ve met some great people while I’ve been here! Thank you to CSIRO for the opportunity to come and take these photos!”

*Just in case you were wondering about our rockmelons comment…we don’t EVER blow up fruit!

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