Happy Australia Day tomorrow… Given the sun is a giant star, we thought you would appreciate this look at the stars on the Australian flag.

News @ CSIRO

Australians all let us rejoice… and uncover our barbecues while draped in an Aussie flag. Tomorrow our young and free nation will pause to celebrate Temporary Tattoo Day. Every limb will be prime real estate for a tattoo of the Southern Cross, Aussie flag, or a little kangaroo with boxing gloves.

As we prepare our patriotic tattoos, let’s also consider the science behind our stellar national icon.

Aussie flag

Adorning our Australian Flag is, of course, the wonderful Southern Cross. The stars are named in the order of their brightness in the Crux constellation- the official name for the Southern Cross- according to the Greek alphabet. Alpha is the brightest, followed by Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.

As we see the Southern Cross, all of the stars appear to be the same distance away- but appearances can be deceiving. The stars of the Southern Cross lie in the same direction in the sky, but…

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