Happy Earth Hour!

Greeting the sun and a lovely rosy dawn, our heliostats in formation for Earth Hour (8.30pm, Saturday 23 March).

Solar field in the formation 60+.

The 60 represents the minutes of Earth Hour and the + is all about continuing your energy saving beyond just the hour. Thanks to the Newcastle Herald (29 March 2012) for the pic.

Want some practical energy saving tips? Our energy efficiency expert, Glenn Platt, blogged with The Newcastle Herald recently and answered all your ‘hot’ questions including saving money on your power bills and electric cars for the future.

3 Comments on “Happy Earth Hour!”

  1. Paul says:

    I found this post in a Google search … will you be posting something more regularly or at least this year for Earth Hour? We promote sustainable practice and I like to promote Earth Hour to raise awareness. Paul

    • Sally Crossman says:

      Hi Paul,

      We’re not sure about blogging for Earth Hour this year but thanks for taking an interest.

      Solar@CSIRO team

      • Sean M says:

        I could be speaking out of turn and have no idea of the budget constraints but I would like to encourage you to if at all possible. This blog seems to have gone a little quiet but it is the CSIRO who we need to hear more from about sustainable practice and climate change … just an encouragement if that is what is needed 🙂 — another earth hour googler

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